PR Partner organized the opening of the culinary studio MUKÁ (SMEG partner) for the media

  • 04/29/2019
  • News
On April 18th the Italian manufacturer of home appliances SMEG and the cooking studio MUKÁ declared an official partnership.

To announce this event, PR Partner team invited leading representatives of interior, lifestyle and women's media to the culinary workshop of the MUKÁ studio.

Event department of PR Partner organized the event on a turnkey basis. The agency has drawn up a colorful program of the evening and a platform in accordance with the key theme of the event - the Italian dolce vita. In the studio, guests were given badges with names in Italian style, balls, flower arrangements and garlands in the colors of Italy flag, as well as souvenirs (branded trays) and pleasant treats. Mime in Italian costume also entertained the guests.

During the evening, journalists tested the models of SMEG equipment and prepared delicious dishes under the strict control of the studio's chefs.

The conclusion of the master class was a joint tasting of dishes and awarding diplomas to guests.

The event was attended by more than 30 journalists, including journalists from such publications as Elle Decoration, Interior + Design, Roombler, TimeOut, Fashion Collection,, Beauty and Health, and many others.