PR Partner organized the Third Caseorium about promotion of IT companies

  • 02/28/2019
  • News
PR Partner agency organized an event in unique format of Caseorium to discuss how to promote complex IT products. More than 40 guests visited the event. After introduction and breakfast, they listened to the performances of the skilled in marketing and PR speakers, who talked about content, hype in news, making content newsworthy and much more.

Head of Communications of Evotor Irina Peterson was first to talk. She told the audience how to bring hype into news and how to promote IT companies. Next was the Head of the Event Department Anna Zagumenaya. She shared her expertise in organizing events for IT companies. Timur Yusupov, Editor of Storylines in TuTu!, talked about his experience in creating nonstandard content to attract different audience to the website. Head of the IT Department of PR Partner Irina Kuzmina gave useful advises on how to make any content newsworthy. And last was Alexei Shevelev from Habr who shared secrets of how to make quality content with the help of the writers or by yourself.