Ruslan Yergeshev
General Director of Nobel Biocare Russia

The training was certainly useful. Due to the specifics of our field, we do not often communicate with journalists, so I do not have much experience.

From the first minutes of the training, all the information was useful and exciting. After the training I came out in a good mood, I wanted to share with someone the discoveries that PR Partner made for me.

Stefanie Smith
Avast Communications Manager

Working with PR Partner is a pleasure. The account managers and event planners we have worked with have all been bright, creative, and hard working.

We are pleased with the continuous media opportunities PR Partner garners for us in Russia.

Hanna Kallioniemi
Regional Marketing Manager of Riverbed Technology in EMEA

PR Partner has been our trustworthy PR agency for over 4 years and very recently we had the pleasure to work with their amazing Events team.

Their project management skills and professionalism over exceeded my expectations, and made the event a great success.

Silvia Lorena Carreño Diaz
General Director of Marketing Q Strategies & Communications

Event department of PR Partner is a creative, trustworthy, professional and friendly team. Agency helps companies to grow their awareness in the Russian market.

Their help in making business relationships a reality on to international commerce  is invaluable for us.

Valentina Battafarano
Social Media Strategist, InJob

In Job is an international recruitment company based in Italy, with offices in 3 continents. We cooperated with PR Partner for 2 years and our relationship has always been proficient.

They’re proactive, efficient and responsive. PR Partner supported us in many crucial activities on the internet, ranging from the creation of articles for our website and press, to the posting on the main professional social networks. Thanks to this collaboration and to the expertise of PR Partner, we strengthened our brand awareness in Russia. We’re looking forward to working with them again.

Boaz Rubin
CEO Madanes Advanced Healthcare Services Ltd.

I wanted to thank you for the most productive work in the last year which had a significate added value to the operation and reputation of Madanes in the Russian market.

It was a pleasure to work with a professional team as the PR Partner team. You surely know and understand the Russian market and contributed to us in many ways. I am sure we will work together again.

Sendal Iljazi
General Director Deri&MOD

Thanks for an awesome partnership! Thanks to PR Partner teams‘ personalized attention, creative ideas, we achieved press success and established good industry dialogue with key magazines.

The agency helped us to get attention in fashion industry via well written articles and prompt reaction to journalist requests. Representatives of PR Partner team were so passionate working with our brand, quickly grasped our value propositions and helped to get our messages to several targeted media channels and immediately built best confidence in our side. Clearly  PR Partner gets the job done. Thanks for an awesome partnership.

Elena Preobrazhenskaya
General Director, To be Bride

PR agency PR Partner — is a team of enthusiastic professionals, that are always ready to deal with the tasks of different level of difficulty.

Thanks to rich number of PR tools, attention to the details and aiming to the maximum results in everything, the agency managed in the short time to form the intelligent strategy of the brand promotion and implemented it instantly. At the time of our cooperative work  with PR Partner we are not only strengthened the brand reputation in the media, but also opened new perspectives for the business development. We give special thanks to the manager of FMCG, Fashion&Beauty practice Victoria Poyda for responsible approach and sincere love to her duties.

Yulia Stanovkina
PR Manager of Etalon Invest

"You are happy when you are understood…" Working with PR Partner was a real joy for me.

Even in your own team you may not always face such understanding and support. All initiatives and ideas were supported and immediately developed which effected in results. It was also pleasure to enjoy the creative process that involves the same enthusiasts as you. All this is especially valuable in companies where the press service consists of one person - PR-manager. Thanks to PR Partner I never felt alone always knowing that there is a reliable partner around. Special thanks to our manager Anna Alexeeva: during the cooperation we became not only a great team, but also good friends. Special gratitude to Inna Alekseeva for her book, Victoria Parshkova for her patience and Alexei Minaev for his enthusiasm!

Kirill Kukartsev
Marketing Director, 2GIS

PR Partner is a great team of pros that can do everything that’s needed to achieve your goals.

Anna Vaskovskaya
Communications Officer, Karcher

Cooperation with PR Partner was our first experience of partnership with PR agency and we consider it successful.

From the very beginning agency stuff demonstrated professionalism, involvement and dedication to the project. Our partners provided a constant communication with the key media and conducted a wide range of efficient PR activities: contests, «test-drives», demonstrations and etc. We would like to wish PR Partner further success and development!

David Richachek
Marketing Manager in Eastern Europe, Check Point Software Technologies

We’ve been cooperating with PR Partner for several years. In my opinion, the agency team is professional, always ready to help even beyond one’s expectations.

Comparing PR Partner with other agencies in Eastern Europe I used to work with I must admit that PR Partner is among the best. In other words, it is a very good agency and I enjoy our cooperation very much.

Kristoff Grosch
Marketing Director, DMG Holding AG

We needed to strengthen our competitive position with the help of Russian media and information support of our two press-conferences at the beginning of 2012.

We were looking for an agency that would meet our requirements. During the first meeting we realized that we found a reliable collaborator – PR Partner. And we never had to regret. Both events were visited by representatives of all significant Medias and the coverage was more than satisfying. We are glad we found the agency that understands our goals and knows how to reach them in a short-term period. We thank PR Partner for fruitful cooperation and look forward to further work on joint projects. 

Ekaterina Bazanova

In 2012 PR Partner helped us with realization of some projects; one of them was program «One More Star» by trademark Tork.

I want to thank Karina Baimatova for her proactivity, attention to details and ability to work under deadlines. When you work with an agency it’s extremely important to be confident that the final product will be of the highest quality. And I’m confident in PR Partner. I can always rely on them.

Nataliya Degtyareva
Marketing Director, Russian Navigation Technologies

At the first meeting PR Partner attracted us with its proactivity and dynamic approach. It’s a team of young professionals who are interested in what they do.

Since the first day of our cooperation we received professional support in communications with the media: we managed to acquire contacts among journalists and reach planned rate of citation in the media, improve press-releases’ and other publications’ quality. PR Partner is very flexible in their relations with clients and the team gets deeply involved in their businesses. PR managers are always operative and punctual; they offer several solutions combining different PR instruments.

Daria Abramova
Head of Marketing Communications Department, Orange Business Services, Russia and CIS

We’ve been cooperating with PR Partner for three years. The agency has proven its image of reliable and conscientious company.

It’s a team of professionals who demonstrate high-level expertise in their realm.

Svetlana Bazarova
Marketing Director, THOMAS

«Ability to work more than usually and informal approach are those qualities that make PR Partner remarkable among a wide range of their competitors.

Further growth and development to your company!» For our company one of the important criteria of successful partnership is complete involvement in our activity. Understanding of our goals and business processes is among the thing we appreciate the most. During a year of our cooperation we had an impression that PR Partner manager Daria Odintsova was a part of our team. I want to thank Daria for her proactivity and responsible approach along with her readiness to do even more than the contract terms prescribe.

Ruben Simonyan
Marketing Director and co-owner of Bentus Laboratory

Cooperation with PR Partner means cooperation with a team of professionals who are perfectly aware of all modern tendencies.

Bentus Laboratory has been cooperating with PR Partner in Sanitelle trademark promotion for three years. Results meet all our expectations. High qualification, experience and attention to details help PR managers to solve efficiently even the most difficult tasks. We wish PR Partner many interesting projects and a greater success.

Olesya Guryanova
Head of Advertising Unit, Ronova Group

Our company provides cleaning, outstaffing services along with technical operation of commercial real estate in B2B sector.

To keep competitive on the cleaning market we need to maintain and support our presence in the media. That’s why we need professional support in communications and PR Partner is excellent at it. Agency team has been acting with great devotion from the very beginning. They help with writing and distribution of press-releases, comments and publications, consulting on different issues some of which are out of the scope of PR. PR Partner team is always friendly, creative and proactive. We hope to continue our successful cooperation.

Maksim Zacharenko
CEO of Oblakoteka

Oblakoteka is a service for a very specific audience of IT specialists. They can easily recognize insincerity in communication when they see one.

PR Partner specialists offered appropriate methods and relevant communication channels for our promotion. It’s such a pleasure when, besides standard efficiency reports, in first six months you start to receive from different people such positive remarks as “Yes, I read notes and articles about you all the time”. Clarity and responsibility are among the agency’s qualities that cannot be unnoticed. These days such qualities are quite rare in Russia.

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