150th anniversary of TABASCO®

Celebrations of TABASCO GLOBAL KITCHEN event have travelled across the world. PR Partner team fully organized this event in Moscow.

What was


Eight gastronomic “points” operated on а platform, where the top cooks fed guests with dishes of different nationalities containing TABASCO® sauce.


Different cuisines from around the world were presented, including Mexican, Italian, Eastern, Asian, Russian and American. There were also cocktails and desserts with TABASCO®. In addition to this, a barbecue zone was organized on the roof where guests could taste shish kebab and hot drinks containing the sauce and a popcorn point where different TABASCO sauces could be added.


Among the entertainments, there was a VR station with video in 360° format, allowing guests to be fully immersed into the system of product production, from the growing of the peppers to making TABASCO® sauce on Avery Island.


> 80

Guests attended the event.


ime Out, Elle Girl, Women's Health, Bazaar.ru, “Bread&Salt”, “Beauty&Health”, Restoclub, etc.

> 25

Publications in the mass media and from bloggers.