Subscriber PR service Wainbridge

September 2018 — February 2020

Wainbridge is a modern international company with a distinctive innovative approach to management and a smart approach to project implementation. This company has been providing a full range of services in the field of real estate development, from the formation of the project concept and architectural design to construction and final sale to the customer.

The goals of the PR campaign:

  • To increase the representation of the company in industrial and business media.
  • To increase the recognition of the CEO of the company in the business community.
  • To inform the target audience about the company’s news, innovations in real estate projects and client service.

What was


Initiation of interviews, expert columns, press releases and commentaries of company speakers in business, public-political and industrial media (print, online).


Integration of the speakers of the company into business and professional events



During the period of cooperation (11 months) the company was mentioned more than 2,000 times in the media.


More than 100 requests for comments from "Vedomosti", RBC, "Kommersant" and other media have been initiated.


MediaIndex has increased forty fold.