Subscription PR service Madanes Advanced Healthcare Services

April 2017 — present time

Madanes Advanced Healthcare Services creates and administers health insurance programs, making the best medicines in the world available to clients.

The goals of the PR campaign:

•To increase brand awareness and to advise the target audience that in 45 years of work Madanes has helped more than 85 thousand people around the world. Today the company has over 2 million insured clients and this results in $350 million of insurance premium revenue per year.

•To provide regular presence in specialized media.

•To build a pool of loyal journalists from online and print media.

•To provide quality information support for the launch of new products of the company.

What was


The initiation of interviews, expert columns and comments of company speakers in the media.


The integration of company speakers into industrial events.



publications were initiated in one year


expert comments, publications and releases in targeted media have been published during the period of cooperation.


Contacts were established with HR journalists, insurance, financial and medical media, including : “Interfax”, “RBC”,,, the magazines “General Director”, Cosmopolitan, “Business Journal”, “Personnel Management”, etc.

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